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Early life[ edit ] Idina Kim Mentzel was born on May 30, Her birthplace is varyingly reported as either Queens or Syosset. Menzel’s family is Jewish , [8] [9] [10] and her grandparents emigrated from Eastern Europe. Her final performance in the musical was on July 1, During her penultimate performance of Wicked on January 8, , she fell through a trap door and cracked a lower rib. The injury prevented her from performing in her final show on January 9. Menzel did, however, make a special out-of-costume appearance at that performance, performed her final song, and received a five-minute standing ovation. Menzel finished her West End run on December 30, She was succeeded by Elphaba standby Kerry Ellis.

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I was supposed to meet James in about a half hour in his dressing room. The entire cast was going out to dinner tonight, and James and I were going to walk to the restaurant together. A goofy smile formed on my face as I thought of spending more time with James. No one, not even Anthony, really knew about James and I. We had been unofficially together for about a week, but we hadn’t quite gone on a date yet.

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The reasons for this design or personality trait vary greatly. There are some reasons that are common enough to be specific subtropes: As a sign of eccentricity or absent-mindedness. Bunny Ears Lawyers and Cloudcuckoolanders may go barefoot in public because they are either flouting societal conventions or are simply oblivious to them. Because they simply can’t afford footwear. If they go up in the world they may still avoid wearing shoes because they find them uncomfortable or to show that they haven’t lost touch with their roots.

Enlightened sages and eccentric mentors , for the reason that they know and see more than everyone else does, and are just too wise to care about said social conventions. This may also be a form of religious asceticism. Characters with magical powers sometimes go barefoot – this may be because they need contact with the soil for their powers, because they are invulnerable to injury or soiling, to demonstrate their lack of interest in social conventions, or to demonstrate their “higher being” status.

To show that they are connected to the soil in some way. This may overlap with the previous bullet if they have elemental or nature-linked powers that are weakened or neutralised if they don’t have skin contact with the ground, but it’s frequently just a metaphor. Undead characters may go barefoot, again either to dramatise their inhumanity or because they just don’t care.

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A lot of spotlight washout and fuzzies, but great sound and performances. Crystal clear picture and sound. Act one complete, but only 10 minutes of act 2. Shaky but nice close-ups. Beautiful HD capture of the wonderful revival with no obstructions.

Read On Second Thought from the story Perfume and Promises [Jadina fanfic (James Snyder and Idina Menzel)] by just_me with 1, reads. idinamenzel, jamess.

Parsons plays the title role in An Act of God, opening on May 28 at Studio 54, a spot the Lord might not want to have been seen in during its days as a famed s disco. But The Flick has piled up accolades since that time, including the Pulitzer prize for drama. There were rumors that producer Scott Rudin had contemplated taking the show to Broadway, but its subtlety and nuance say to me that it belongs in a more intimate home.

It opens on May 18, once again directed by Sam Gold. As writer, director and artistic director of Centerstage in Baltimore, Kwei-Armah was rehearsing the show as street protests and violence broke out in the wake of the shooting of unarmed Freddie Gray by a police officer, but the show opened on schedule. Single tickets on sale March 15, Call Telecharge.

Our box office is open Tuesday – Saturday, 1: Limit 4 tickets per person. Limit one ticket per ID.

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She meets her friends Kate, a kindergarten teacher, and Lucas, a community organizer , in Madison Square Park. Kate suggests that Elizabeth start using the name “Liz” and seek out new experiences. Lucas suggests that she go back to her college nickname, “Beth,” and start making professional connections in the city. The musical then shows both possibilities playing out. Instead, Kate and Liz stop to listen to a musician in the park.

Fresh off performing the Oscar-winning hit song Let It Go from Frozen, Idina Menzel returns to Broadway for the first time since her Tony Award-winning role in Wicked.

I used to miss NYC with a longing and affection like an old girlfriend. Overheard in the Equinox locker room, a guy shouting into his cellphone: Overheard on Broadway by Lincoln Center: Have you noticed all those ads touting foreign superiority? Volvo made in eco-friendly Sweden. Jag-U-ar made for British genius super-villains. Japan and Canada are our largest trading partners and never mentioned in commercials.

And hey, forget about our third largest partner! No praise for their national superiority. I knew I was getting old when the wives in the Cialus commercials looked like hot babes. How come there are NO Viagra commercials? Okay, after I wrote this, all of a sudden there were relentless Viagra commercials on air! It took them long enough to get over CD-commercial dysfunction.

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This Shit is About to Get Personal: Ruminations on Love and Loss When I started this blog several years ago, I was adamant that it would be a place where I would write about actual things that I was interested in, which, if you care to go through the archives, is primarily movies, theater, and junk food and not necessarily in that order. I wasn’t going to be just another jackass on the internet with a personal blog for me to pour my whiny thoughts all over, mostly because I like to believe that my emo teenage years are far behind me though, honestly, aren’t we all perpetual emo teenagers, but with bank accounts and larger sized pants?

But seeing how this is my blog, which means I can break as many of the rules as I make and only have to answer to myself and I think I’ll cut myself some slack just this once , I’m going to stray from the norm and get a little personal.

Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp, LaChanze, James Snyder, Jerry Dixon, Jenn Colella, Marc dela Cruz (u/s David), Tamika Lawrence, Joe Cassidy, Miguel Cervantes, Curtis Holbrook, Stephanie Klemons, Tyler McGee, Ryann Redmond, Joe Aaron Reid, Ann Sanders A couple quick dropouts during the prologue and What If?, and the first half of act one is a bit.

This list of the Top Greatest Gay Movies is probably going to generate some howls of protest thanks to a rather major upset in the rankings. Frankly, one that surprised the hell out of us here.. But before we get to that, an introduction. A few weeks ago we asked readers to submit up to ten of their favorite films by write-in vote. We conducted a similar poll several years ago, but a lot has happened culturally since then, and a number of worthy movies of gay interest have been released.

We wanted to see how your list of favorites had changed. We also wanted to expand our list to from the top 50 we had done previously.

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Edit Idina Kim Mentzel was born on May 30, Her birthplace is varyingly reported as either Queens or Syosset. Menzel’s family is Jewish , [8] [9] and her grandparents emigrated from Eastern Europe. Her final performance in the musical was on July 1, During her penultimate performance of Wicked on January 8, , she fell through a trap door and cracked a lower rib.

Meet Tony-nominated star Idina Menzel, and If/Then co-stars LaChanze, Anthony Rapp, James Snyder, along with composer Tom Kitt will be appearing at the Sony Store, Madison Avenue at 55th Street on Thursday from P.M. to sign copies of the Broadway Masterworks original cast If/Then CD.

Idina Menzel Wicked, Rent, Frozen, Glee lights up the stage with a versatile and passionate performance. However, it wasn’t until the second act that the music became stronger in melody and flow. She’s taken on an important city planning job and is ready to build her career and independence. But, as fate would have it, romance shows up.

The show asks the unanswerable question, “What would happen if you did this instead of that? While switching between two storylines could cause some confusion, Grief’s direction, Wendland’s sets, Peter Nigrini’s projection design and Kenneth Posner’s lighting allow the audience to easily weave from Beth’s life to Liz’s. LaChanze adds a lot of the humor throughout, along with Rapp. Both have great comedic timing.

Herbert, who portrays Beth’s long-time crush and boss Stephen. We were only given a tiny taste of his vocal abilities, but when I heard it, I wanted more. In an age when many would rather watch a clip of Menzel on their iPhone, this musical, being wonderfully hip and timely, can draw the young and the not-so-young. The box office opens daily at 10am except for Holidays. Groups of 10 or more may purchase tickets by visiting www.

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Her birthplace is varyingly reported as either Queens [4] [5] or Syosset, New York. Her final performance in the musical was on July 1, During her penultimate performance of Wicked on January 8, , she fell through a trap door and cracked a lower rib.

James Randall Snyder (born February 7, ) is an American stage, film, and television actor and singer. He graduated from Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, California and received his with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the USC School of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, where he was a member of the SoCal VoCals, USC’s premiere a cappella group.

Generally, that bias comes from various preconceptions about the shows, their writers, the actors, etc. In this case, the bias comes from lead actress, Idina Menzel, whose voice I have held in my memory since I was six years old and first heard the Rent soundtrack. The reason I saw the show was for her, despite the lackluster reviews of its test run in Washington DC.

While writers Brian Yorkey book, lyrics and Tom Kitt score and director Michael Greif whose names have been affiliated with such hits as Next to Normal and Rent helped convince me that I was right in giving this show a chance, I should admit to anyone who reads this that I went not once—but twice—for the thrill of seeing one of my favorite singers perform live on a Broadway stage. Understanding that, I have decided not to “review” the show, so to speak.

I don’t want to attest to how well or poorly it functions as a musical, since no one would or really should believe me on that subject anyway. Instead, I’m going to do what I do best: It is essentially my job to comment on current literary production, including of course contemporary theater. While my research focuses on French literature, I still feel perfectly competent to assess the book of a Broadway musical considering my commitment to musicals , and in fact, I feel obligated to comment on this particular one, considering it was written by a Pulitzer Prize-winning team.

So, to quote the show: This woman is Elizabeth Idina Menzel and the friends are: Let us sidestep the obvious cultural bombs they have opened the story with for the time being—feminism a woman and her potential, the myriad of outcomes her life could have resulting from one small choice , homosexuality not only is this straight woman closest to friends who do not conform to any gender norm, but their homosexuality is present without being commented upon, a recent Broadway trend that attempts to subvert expectations.

If/then : a new musical : original Broadway cast recording (Musical CD, ) []

Clockwise from top left: The New Celebrity Apprentice, Jan. That is an insane sentence to write! This show was in the news recently because it was revealed that Trump will continue to get an executive producer credit.

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OK, fine, they think its all over, well it pretty much is now, lol. But being strictly politically neutral on UK matters…well…? No, seriously, I mean my little break in the sun. Of course, the sixty four million dollar question is, has the break in the sun done my back any good? I certainly havent missed not hearing all about the chaos at home over Brexit, and other stuff, for sure. In a sense, its more my sort of town than Faro would be, more peaceful, laid back, and dare I say it, old fashioned?

Sadly I didnt get to Spain, as I reached the ferry terminal after town, and lunch, to see it pulling out for Ayamonte, across the river, in a different country, and given the next one wasnt for another hour in the off season, I didnt wait. That would have put me on the 2. Maybe another time, maybe not, who knows? Today, as I have done most days gentle exercise, which is good I took my stroll down along the front, and down part of the boardwalk, over the beach.

Oh, I got one of those coats, seems they had a zip up version as well for same price, so deal done! No, its silly really, I dont need a winter coat, but… Yes, I found the PIN for my credit card, but then found they only took cash, no cards, aargh! I must admit, if, as I hope, I can retire somewhere with all year round warmth, then Monte Gordo has done a pretty good publicity job this week. I know its off season, but its quieter than the more popular end of the Algarve, its pleasantly warm, even in mid November 70 today , and cost of living is definitely lower than the UK too.

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