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Why is it hard to make them into real-life hits? So in the age of musical dramas like ABC ‘s country soap “Nashville” and Fox’s hip-hop epic “Empire,” it raises the question: Is it any easier for singers on a scripted series? It’s a complicated issue for both programs as they promote original music in these real-life competitive genres, a different ballgame than something like “Glee” that specialized in cover songs. This is essential, as networks bank on these shows to make money through music sales. Yet as it turns out, it’s still not always easy to break out of the TV bubble. They come with the stigma of ‘How many TV stars really make it as singers?


Not to mention, with Hakeem now at the helm of the family company, the rest of the season promises to be full of drama. Largely because, you know, that’s how the Lyons roll. But also because, if we’re being honest here, Hakeem already sucks as CEO. Here’s a definitive ranking of all the reasons he’ll never last in his father’s shoes. He’s just a kid I’m not saying there aren’t year-olds who are mature enough to tackle a task this monumental, but Hakeem isn’t one of them.

We’ve seen how his immaturity has caused problems in the past, and Lord knows his hubris has put him and the family in a few binds.

When Jamal says he’s dating Kai, Hakeem (who’s made the apartment a total mess in the meantime) insists the gun wasn’t loaded. Kai asks for the gun and unloads it himself, showing that it.

The episode aired on March 18, , airing together with ” Who I Am ” as a 2-hour finale. Jamal and Lucious are on their way to forming a music-centered relationship, but once again, Lucious has a secret that’s about to change everything. Hakeem decides to flirt with the enemy, while trying to figure out what the best move is for his career. Meanwhile, Cookie is cooking up a plan of her own.

Despite experiencing double vision, Lucious blows off his medication. As he keeps looking for Cookie to be his inspiration, Lucious is furious when he receives an injunction from rival Billy Beretti , trying to stop the show. Hakeem takes out his anger and frustration onstage. To get revenge, during a big Empire show with Snoop Dogg, Hakeem does a rap putting his father on blast: The hatred between them was mutual, however, after the revelation that Lucious had fathered Lola , whom Jamal thought was his.

Cookie packs her office after learning that she had been lied to by both Lucious and Andre. The next day, Cookie came back to the office to excitedly show her sister around, only to have security refuse to let her in. It led to a confrontation with Lucious, in which he revealed he knew about her and Malcolm. Andre bonds with his music therapist Michelle Jennifer Hudson at her church, unable to bring himself to go back to the Empire office in the wake of his breakdown.

Jamal Lyon On Empire DIED

This season was way too short. The two of you have this wonderful on-screen chemistry together and, of course, we know that the relationship between Jamal and Hakeem has kind of evolved over the season. There is a lot of success going on. The season finale is where you get to see that. Yea, and as far as the relationship and the chemistry between both Hakeem and Jamal and, obviously, essentially, myself and Yazz, the thing about Hakeem and Jamal is that they compete and there are other people that really have their hands in the pot of their brotherhood, but at the same time they always find themselves back to each other.

They always find their way back to each other somehow.

Watch video · As Empire continues to break TV records, much of the media attention has turned to the hit series’ youngest cast members, Trai Byers (Andre), Bryshere Gray (Hakeem), and .

Gray is currently 22 years old. It looks like Hakeem has Camilla handling the paper work…You Mad? You got your Empire!? Hakeem From Empire Hakeem looks bothered. He is probably wondering if Empire without family is possible. He got his company yet he betrayed his family. Hakeem From Empire What is Hakeem wearing!?

Hakeem From Empire One thing we love about Hakeem is the fact that he prays.

‘Empire’ recap: The past is always present

It was over-the-top, gaudy and quite literally, jaw-dropping, portraying murder, betrayal and one very dangerous pillow. Critics were skeptical if the show’s non-stop momentum could maintain itself through the very end and set up a believable second season. Here’s what went down on the “Empire” Season 1 finale.

Apr 05,  · Empire centers around a hip hop music and entertainment company, Empire Enterprises, and the drama among the members of the founders’ family as they fight for control of the company. The hour-long family drama was created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, and stars Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon and Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon.

The star power, the drama and of course the music. All factors in the huge success of the show last season, and only 1 of those factors have been consistent. Unfortunately Empire has followed suit in the season 2 premiere. We pick up 4 months after the incarceration of Luscious Lyon and although they are still standing, the record company is apparently in shambles. Jamal is struggling to keep up as CEO and recording artist.

Hakeem is battling his feelings about his father killing his uncle Bunky and turning the Empire over to his older brother Jamal. While Andre STILL struggles to find his identity and himself, waking up in cold sweats from his nightmares of killing his uncle Vernon a crime not even in question at the moment. Cookie is doing what she has been doing since she got out of prison, trying to take over the company.

Staying true to the formula that has worked thus far, a bunch of cameos from big stars, unrealistic castings and virtually NO character development and even LESS storytelling. The bottom line is this show had lots of promise to it. However I feel creator Lee Daniels is more interested in promoting his Gay Agenda and dazzling you with eye candy than actually tell a great story.

‘Empire’ stars coming to Chicago for album signing

How old is Anika supposed to be? Either way, her pining after a teenager is getting real weird. Especially while said teenager is now pursuing a virgin. Hold onto that V-card girls, because one day you could have moments as special as this. Dum-Dum Anika boinked the son of her ex-boyfriend, got herself blacklisted from the music biz and is now carrying a child.

Jamal is an R&B singer and songwriter, Hakeem is a rapper. In the process of grooming them, he pits them against each other. Cookie Lyon starts her own records label and is in fierce competition with Empire Entertainment.

He demands to know if Cookie snitched on him for a reduced sentence, which would explain her getting out for prison 13 years early. Luscious makes it clear he will destroy anyone trying to messing with him, his family or his Empire, including Cookie. At the funeral, Luscious, donned in all-white, does a marvelous tear jerking speech about his love for Bunkie, even admitting he killed Bunkie — in a roundabout way. The scene is topped off with Gladys Knight singing at the funeral.

No, seriously, he turns the Deputy Mayor around on her desk, drops his pants and pumps the information right out of her. Later that evening, Andre is overheard by Rhonda flirting on the phone with Alvarez. Just when you think our bi-polar MBA is busted, Andre bends his wife over the bathroom sink and demonstrates his information gathering tactics. Not only is wifey ok with it, she wants to be called Deputy Mayor Alvarez too.

Who’s in the casket Empire Season Premiere!!!!

Is Lucious’ Memory Loss Real? Empire ‘s Jamal Jussie Smollett is gay. Groundbreakingly out and proud, Jamal is hardly what anyone could call “flamboyant”: Gray , certainly outdoes Jamal in his love of bedazzling and drama, and Jamal really isn’t the “yaass queen,” type.

The first season of the American television series Empire premiered on January 7, , and concluded on March 18, , on Fox. The series centers around a hip hop music and entertainment company, Empire Entertainment, and the drama among the members of .

In just 12 much-too-damn-short episodes, “Empire” has influenced everything in the pop culture zeitgeist, from music to TV to fashion, and it’s inspired hundreds of hilarious memes along the way. In honor of tonight’s explosive two-hour season finale, here are nine things you didn’t know about “Empire” — from wardrobe secrets to how certain scenes really came together behind the scenes. Lucious’ favorite color is purple. Which explains why Cookie is often seen wearing purple. Fox One of the most powerful scenes this season featured Andre suffering a mental break in the studio.

He held a gun up to his head — and pulled the trigger. That harrowing moment was a collaboration between Byers and co-creator Danny Strong. And given what was happening with his disorder and his family and feeling left out, he needed to not be a coward about this and pull that trigger. Hakeem is young, he’s money and he’s totally turnt up. And when he performs, the budget definitely goes up. Everyone in the cast can sing their butts off.

Fox The entire cast of “Empire” can sing. Taraji has final say on Cookie’s wardrobe.

Empire’s Yazz & Jussie Smollett Detail Kiss w/ Naomi Campbell & Craziest DM’s